County Issues

Help for Working Families
We need a regional approach to affordable and workforce housing, and I have been working with our municipalities, non profit partners, and the business community to address this issue. We allocated millions of American Rescue Plan funds to address housing and childcare needs across the county

Climate Action
Larimer County has adopted our Climate Smart/Future Ready plan and we are working with municipal, private sector, and business leaders to implement the plan.

Environmental Stewardship and Protecting our Land

Larimer County residents overwhelmingly voted for the Open Space tax because they care about preserving our beautiful open lands and natural areas. We have acquired new Open Space property at Heaven’s Door and are working to maintain and preserve current properties. I have worked on improving air quality as a member of the Regional Air Quality Commission and as chair of the Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise.

Increasing Recreational Opportunities and Trails

Outdoor recreation promotes health and well-being and stimulates the local economy. Over the past decade we have seen a growing demand for trails; the county recently open a new trail at Horsetooth Mountain Park. I am committed to listening to the voices of our multiple trail user groups while planning for the future of Larimer County.

Economic Health
We need to continue to support businesses through the county’s Economic and Workforce Development, and work with the school district and higher education so that our businesses will have access to a pool of skilled employees. The Board of County Commissioners awarded American Rescue Plan funds to many local businesses to help them recover from the COVID downturn.

Transportation and Infrastructure
As a member of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO), our Regional Transportation board, I understand how important it is for us to plan, and fund our transportation infrastructure. We recently cut the ribbon for the third lane on I-25 which will not only accommodate cars, but increased transit and vanpooling opportunities. We need to adequately fund our our transportation and transit needs into the future, so we will look for opportunities in the coming years. Finally, I believe that high speed internet is infrastructure, and we are working with municipal broadband providers to connect our county residents. 

Transparency and Open Government
We need to make sure that we are hearing from all voices in our community when we are planning and making decisions. I have met with residents in our municipalities, in mobile home parks, and rural parts of the county like Rist Canyon and Buckhorn Canyon to hear about their needs.