County Issues

Help for Working Families
I will work to make sure that we fund the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) ; these funds help families in our community struggling to find affordable childcare. I will make sure that we do adequate outreach to get our residents signed up for Food Assistance so that no one in our community suffers from food insecurity. We need a regional approach to affordable and workforce housing, and I will work with our municipalities, non profit partners, and the business community to address this issue.

Climate Action
Through serving on City Council I have been part of crafting and funding the Fort Collins’ Climate Action Plan. I believe that Larimer County can be a leader on Climate Action and Resiliency Efforts. We need to make sure that energy efficiency is a part of Facilities planning, and that we are right sizing our county fleet as we serve our 2500 square mile county. We also need to work with local municipal leaders on developing their own robust Climate Action plans.

Environmental Stewardship and Protecting our Land

Larimer County residents overwhelmingly voted for the Open Space tax because they care about preserving our beautiful open lands and natural areas. I will make sure we preserve our open space, and look for new opportunities to secure land. I will also make sure we are working on improving air quality and protecting our watersheds. We need to recommit to protecting our quality of life and environmental health as stated in the county’s Comprehensive Plan.

Increasing Recreational Opportunities and Trails

Outdoor recreation promotes health and well-being and stimulates the local economy. Over the past decade we have seen a growing demand for trails; I believe the county can provide more multi-use trails and make current trails safer while still preserving Open Space lands. I am committed to listening to the voices of our multiple trail user groups while planning for the future of Larimer County.

Economic Health
We need to continue to support businesses through the county’s Economic and Workforce Development, and work with the school district and higher education so that our businesses will have access to a pool of skilled employees. Many of our municipalities are also struggling with attracting skilled workers because of a lack of affordable childcare and housing; it is crucial that we work to solve these shortages. I will also work with individuals and small businesses to make sure that we all successfully recover from the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

Transportation and Infrastructure
As a member of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO), and the Regional Transportation board I understand how important it is for us to plan, and fund our transportation infrastructure. We need to complete the third lane on I-25 and then look for sustainable transit options for the future. Because ballot measure 1A did not pass in 2019, we do not have adequate funding for our transportation and transit needs. We need to work together through the NFRMPO and the regional board to address our current and future needs. We also need to support and strengthen transit options between our communities and rural areas. Finally, I believe that high speed internet is infrastructure, and we need to look for ways to connect rural communities to our fiber network. 

Transparency and Open Government
We need to make sure that we are hearing from all voices in our community when we are planning and making decisions. I have heard from too many people that they feel excluded from county planning processes. I will continue my practice of holding listening sessions, and will work to make meeting times more convenient for those who work. I want to open government to everyone, and have broad representation on county boards and commissions. We need to explore new ways of reaching people who feel disconnected from county government and make our local government more equitable and inclusive.